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August 26, 2005




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I agree wuth it, according to board certified veterinary dentist Dr. Jan Bellows in Weston, Fla., cats get tooth cavities but they are not the same as those in people. thanks for the post.


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I agree cats can also have cavities and they also need to prevent this problem,it is a good subject to explore.

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Our pets do have cavities it doesn't matter if our pet is cat or a dog. The best thing we could do is to take good care of our pet so that they maintain their good dental and health.


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just like human cats can have also cavity, so make sure brush their teeth after they take a bath.


Confused a bit. If cavities start from the inside, how can brushing my cat's teeth be of any benefit? I find the article useful, however it seems that we should then address the real value of tooth brushing.


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