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One-Line Bio offers CATLINES, our ezine, and our new blog free, plus we sell cat-theme items at our website and occasionally on eBay. Currently we offer cat posters, cat beds, cat-theme jewelry and are working toward expanding our offerings. Soon, our feline diseases booklet will be offered.


Lauren Merryfield, blind at birth from congenital glaucoma, began writing cat stories and poems in grade school. She placed in essay contests during highschool and later graduated with a B.A. in Integrated Studies and a Masters in Social Work. Lauren has been published in several magazines and anthologies. Lauren is a member of the Cat Writers' Association. She is currently working on her first 2 books, one concerning feline diseases for lay persons and one regarding her adventures in her first year post-gastric bypass.

Lauren edits/publishes CATLINES (in it's 4th year) for cat-loving home-business persons, such as herself. She has a sister ezine BIZLINES/Mind Gold News for home-business persons who are not so much into cats.

For two years, Lauren was editor of her high school newspaper, The Newsette. In the late 1970's-early 1980's, she was editor of News From Blind Nebraskans, publication of the National Federation Of The Blind Of Nebraska.

Lauren lives in Everett, WA, with her husband, Jim and 4 cats:Jaspur, Mikey (Mickens) Gabrielle and Maryah. She has a daughter, Lynden, who has left the nest.