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October 25, 2005


Matted Cat Fur Tech

Removal Cream for Matted Pet Hair

No need to worry, we have the best solution to your matted pet fur. No more cutting or shaving!!
Matted fur happens to most dogs or cats. When you notice matted fur on your dog or cat, it’s very important to remove the matted fur as soon as possible. It can be very ugly, and very uncomfortable for your pet.

There are several factors which can cause matting, but the most common cause is lack of grooming. If your dog has long flowing hair, she may develop matted hair at some point. Some cats and dogs have 2 coats of fur which shed and need to be brushed out.

If you haven’t brushed your cat, dog or horse mane/tail for long periods of time-your pet will suffer the consequences. Pets are dependent on us to groom them regularly; or to take them to a groomer regularly.

Fleas can also cause matting. They can create a tangled mess in your pet’s fur. Please check and treat your pet for fleas regularly.

The Take Down Removal Cream for Matted Pet Hair is specifically designed to remove all pet hair tangles-no matter the severity of your pet’s hair mats.

The most important thing to remember when de-matting your pet is bathing your pet before trying to remove the mats will make the matts worse.

This cream makes removing matts from your cat or dog easy, however it is not a speedy process, so be patient.

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from my point of view you dont need to worry like Matted says there are many solutions in your problems especially those tips that were given to you was important.

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absolutely dont like it when my cats seem helpless with their matted fur no matter how hard they try to sort it out.

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Informative tips to keep our cats mats free!


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